Man Films Huge Sea Snake Swimming Up To Him

Australian YouTuber Brodie Moss was paddle boarding when he came across the hair-raising sight of a sea snake swimming up to him. The video, which he shared on Instagram two days ago, shows the snake displaying uncharacteristically bold behaviour as it swims up to the paddle board. While sea snakes generally avoid humans, Mr Moss explained that they tend to become “sexually frustrated and potentially aggressive” this time of year.
“Sea snakes normally avoid humans but this time of year they become very active, sexually frustrated and potentially aggressive as they search for a mate,” he wrote while sharing the video which is equal parts scary and fascinating.

The YouTuber added that the snake in his video appeared from the ocean floor and followed him around before disappearing. Footage shows the reptile even placing its head on the paddle board for a few moments before turning around and swimming away.

The video has racked up nearly a million views on Instagram since being shared two days ago. It also made its way to other social media platforms like Twitter.

“Australians aren’t real people,” wrote one Twitter user, referring to the stereotype that Australians have grown used to the presence of dangerous animals.

The video has clocked in a staggering 4.9 million views on the microblogging platform in two days. Take a look at some of the reactions it garnered:

Sea snakes, also known as coral reef snakes, are serpents that live in the water most or all of the time. Most sea snakes discovered so far are highly venomous.